Blue Tiger - Honley

Indo-Bangla fusion cuisine is a combination of wild and untamed tastes, which tantalises the palate with an alluring array of colours and textures, flavours are as varied as the climates of the Indian Subcontinent. The blends of spices are exotic and somewhat enigmatic.

This culinary endeavour is a revival of the Persian/Mogul cuisine merged with the long-held traditions of Indian and Bangladeshi cooking styles. Indo-Bangla cooking as we like to call it, is a hybrid style, a synergy of fusion cooking. It is a perfect balance that is reached between a complex myriad of spices and blends.

Here at the Blue Tiger, we have a deep appreciation of theses exotic spices and their combinations; it is an acquired art form, a legacy full of repetitive disciplines that are taught only to a few promising chefs who go through many years of cooking, blending and tasting. Through these testing arduous challenges, great chefs are born, created in a trial of Fire and Brimstone.

We have been studying this art for over 10 years and have brought it to some degree into Holmfirth’s own Bengali restaurant, we are the second generation in this family and our reputation is second to none. We like to pride ourselves in establishing a warm friendly ambience whenever we are hosting our “patrons” be at the Blue Tiger in Honley.

Through our experience, we relish the fact that we can and have been cooking honest homemade style food. So please be our guest and join us in this new and exotic adventure. The Blue Tiger greets you with the warmest of welcomes.


Blue Tiger - Honley
Blue Tiger - Honley
Blue Tiger at The Foresters Arms
West Yorkshire

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